Q: Does Decker Dispose All & Recycling provide residential service in my area?

A: Currently we provide residential service in Bacliff, San Leon, and unincorporated areas of Dickinson, TX.

Q: How much does residential service cost?

A: Our pricing is based on the volume of service individual customers may require. Call one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives to discuss the different options available to meet your household needs.

Q: Can I put yard debris out with my trash?

A: Yes you can – cut limbs down to 4 foot lengths, bundle, tie, or containerize all yard debris. Please no loose piles.

Q: Do you offer trash cans?

A:Decker Dispose All & Recycling offers a 95 gallon toter cart on wheels with a lid at purchase price of $125.00 as a convenience to our customers. We will maintain carts for normal wear and tear but recommend returning the cart from the road after pick-up has been completed.

Q: What holidays are observed?

A: We do not run residential routes on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Typically if you are a one time per week customer your pick-up day would be the following business day. Check out our Home page calendar for more complete up to date information. View our calendar for more information.

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Residential Recycling:

Q: What materials do you accept for recycling?

A: A list of acceptable recycling materials is available on our website and in our office.

Q: Can you come to my house to pick up my recycling?

A: Unfortunately right now there is not enough participation in recycling to warrant curbside pick of recycling.

Q: Will Decker Dispose-All continue to offer recycling to residential customers?

A: As of right now we will continue to offer recycling to our customers. We actively support recycling efforts and encourage you to tell your neighbors about our Saturday recycling.

Q: Do you buy cans, metals or other recycling materials?

A: No, it you want to sell your aluminum cans or metals contract Kodiak Metal Recycling at (281) 339-2300.

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Q: Do you have locking containers?

A: Yes we have locking containers available.

Q: How long are your contracts?

A: Our contracts are 12 months and then revert to month to month. We do not use evergreen or rolling contracts, which automatically renews, locking the consumers into a long-term contract, in many cases without their knowledge.

Q: Why can't I have my container wherever I want it?

A: Front end trash trucks weigh between 16 and 17 tons. Since many driveways are not commercial grade, the trucks can easily cause damage to the driveway or to our trucks. We try to meet a balance to be able to safely access the dumpster and meeting your needs as a customer.

Q: How much does your trash dumpsters cost?

A: Our dumpster pricing varies by size and frequency of pickup. We will be happy to work with you to find the right size dumpster for your needs.

Q: Are you flexible with changing container sizes and frequency for those that have peak season and off-season for waste production?

A: Yes we can adjust our container sizes and frequency of service to meet your service needs.

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Commercial Recycling:

Q: Does Decker Dispose-All offer rebates for commercial recycling?

A: No, instead we adjust our pricing to properly reflect these costs.

Q: Why do you charge for picking up recycling materials when there are companies that do it for free?

A: All of our competitors charge for recycling. Our charges are based on our cost to provide this service. We currently pay a disposal fee for these commodities.

Q: How do I know what material is recyclable and what is not?

A: We will be happy to visit your site and provide a free waste audit and help you determine what is recyclable and what is not.

Q: Do you offer recycle containers dumped on call?

A: Yes, we have recycle containers that can be placed on call and dumped on your request.

Q: What about people that dump trash in my recycle container?

A: Our regular serviced containers come with a slotted lids and a locking mechanism to keep trash dumpers out.

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Q: How much notice does Decker Dispose-All need for a delivery?

A: For all new deliveries and dumps we require a 24 hour notice.

Q: Does the price include an unlimited amount of swaps since I paid for a week?

A: The price is per dump not by the week or day. Rental will be charged on containers that have not had a haul past 10 days.

Q: Do you have any tonnage restrictions?

A: Yes, our standard priced roll off containers come with limits based on tonnage with overage charges for exceeding the maximum tonnage. We do offer heavy flat rate pricing for situations where the containers could become heavy.

Q: How high can we fill the roll-offs?

A: Level to the top with nothing sticking up or hanging over the sides since our drivers need to tarp the containers.

Q: When do is payment due on the containers?

A: Payment is due before delivery and before each dump of the container.