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Customer Feature: Bou-Shay's Cajun Smokehouse, Bacliff, TX

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Let's Talk Trash

The pride of Bacliff, this local restaurant relies on Decker.

When it comes to cajun flavors in Bacliff, Bou-Shay's Cajun Smokehouse is rolling in good flavors and a hometown atmosphere. Come for their happy hour specials, Wednesday through Friday, 3-6 pm, and stay late once the good times are rolling.

"A Gourmet Meal with a Backyard Feel"

Their weekly dinner specials frequently rotate between steak, crab, and oysters, just to name a few. And, while crawfish season is over, for now, Bou-Shay's has definitely kept their pots boiling and customer's bellies full from February through the end.

local business with a Decker dumpster

We appreciate that our Decker dumpster is proudly displayed in front of the Bou-Shay's, kept clean, and represents us as a supporting local business. Thanks, Bou-Shays. We value your business.

Current Decker Customers

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Let's Talk Trash

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